Client Testimonials

Deb gave me simple, direct, and effective skills to overcome my lifelong anxiety.  Best. Therapist. EVER!



My mood was all over the place. Up and down but mostly down.  I cried all the time and could not concentrate.  I felt awful and not hopeful about the future. I saw Deborah for therapy and we got to the bottom of my mood swings.


I had questions about my sexuality and was embarrassed to see a therapist.  A friend told me about Deborah and insisted I go.   Deborah is totally cool and supportive and she has a ton of knowledge.


I worked with Deb and had the most healing and spiritual experience of my life. I can honestly say that at this point I am happy, healthy, and a stronger person.


I was in conflict with so many people in my life and fought with everyone about even the smallest things.  Deb taught me new communication and stress management skills.  It was the most transformative experience of my adult life.  I now have a happy marriage again, a great job, and a happy life.


Deb is totally cool and totally not judgmental.  She really gets me.  She is loving and wise and also really skilled.  She got me to where I want to be after years of failed attempts. Deb is always welcoming, kind, and wise.


Deb is nurturing and unbelievably insightful.  She feels like the kind and protective sister I wished I had growing up in my emotionally violent home.  Wise and non judgmental. The best therapist I have ever worked with.  I actually got better.


I simply could not find a therapist anywhere who understood my sexuality and relationships.  I met with Deb at the insistence of my Mentor who has sent other people to her before.  I thank God for Deb.  I am doing great!


My relationship was heading for serious trouble and looked like it was going to fall apart.  It took a a lot of work, but Deb got us back on track and we saved our relationship and are happier than ever.


I direct feature length films and Deb is my regular go-to therapist for my actors.  She totally understands the needs of creative thinkers and artistic individuals.