Client Testimonials

For years and years I was anxious and sad pretty much all of the time.  It became debilitating.  She helped me to feel better and get back on my feet and more quickly than I ever expected.


I worked with Deb and had the most healing and spiritual experience of my life. I can honestly say that at this point I am happy, healthy, and a stronger person.


I had questions about my sexuality and was embarrassed to see a therapist.  A friend told me about Deborah and insisted I go.   Deborah is totally cool and supportive and she has a ton of knowledge.


The loss I suffered is beyond words and I simply could not have gotten through that time without Deb.  She is an amazing therapist and also an amazing human being.


All I felt was pressure and my life and actions were spinning out of control, effecting my finances, my career, and my family. In therapy Deborah Berman introduced a radical concept to me: that I do not have to try to be “perfect” all the time!  This totally blew my mind because growing up I was taught to win and perform and to live for everyone else’s approval.  Deb helped me to trust that I can relax and that I am whole, perfect, and more than enough.  Then life started getting a whole lot better for me.


My relationship was heading for serious trouble and looked like it was going to fall apart.  It took a a lot of work, but Deb got us back on track and we saved our relationship and are happier than ever.


Deborah supported me through a really horrible and uncertain time in my life.  She taught me skills to cope with stress and has helped me feel happy again. I never thought that would be possible.


Deborah got me through a terrible breakup (I mean really terrible).  I could hardly cope with everything going on.  Deborah was so supportive and so insightful.  She empowered me to stop the chaos going on in my life.


She helped me to embrace and eventually love my sexuality and then was my best supporter during my coming out process.


My mood was all over the place. Up and down but mostly down.  I cried all the time and could not concentrate.  I felt awful and not hopeful about the future. I saw Deborah for therapy and we got to the bottom of my mood swings.