Client Testimonials

My therapist was a true yogi.  Wise and non judgmental. Nurturing and unbelievably insightful.


The loss I suffered is beyond words and I simply could not have gotten through that time without NYC Holistic Psychotherapy.


My mood was all over the place.  I cried all the time and could not concentrate. Deb got to the bottom of my mood issues.


Deb feels like the kind and protective sister I wished I had growing up in my emotionally violent homophobic home.


Deb supported me through a really horrible and uncertain time in my life.  She taught me skills to cope with stress and has helped me feel happy again. I never thought that would be possible.


Deb has a sense of humor and intelligent wit.  She engages with me and has a conversation.


Deb gave me simple, direct, and effective skills to overcome my lifelong anxiety.  Best. Therapist. EVER!



Dr. Deb helped me to embrace and eventually love my sexuality and then was my best supporter during my coming out.  I love her for it.


I’d never been to a therapist for more than one or two sessions before.  And then I found Deb.  She is one of the kindest, coolest, wittiest, most caring people I have ever known.


Deb helped me overcome the abuse I suffered.  I can’t forgive or forget what happened to me as a child, but I am now happy and healthy and getting my new startup off the ground.