Fees & Insurance

Therapy may be more affordable than you think!

If I am not in-network with your insurance provider or if your insurer does not cover out-of-network therapy sessions, please talk to me about an affordable sliding fee. There is a standard rate for a 45-minute session, but I will work with you to set a mutually agreeable fee that takes into account the reality of your finances.

Upon request, I also will provide you with receipts to submit to your insurer, send along with your end-of-year tax forms or keep for your personal records.

You can pay for sessions via cash, check, money order or credit/debit cards — whatever you are most comfortable with.

If you elect to use your health insurance to help you cover the costs of therapy sessions, please contact your insurer directly to find out about out-of-network benefits, deductibles and how much your insurance company might reimburse you (as this varies from plan to plan).

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